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Predictive Business Analytics

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A hundred years back, countries in the Persian Gulf were poorer than most countries in Africa or Latin America. Then arrived the companies that started prospecting, drilling, refining and selling oil – and everything changed. “Data is the New Oil” (Reference) and millions of people across the world will be needed to drill deep into it, refine information and insight from that data and sell it to the world at large. The new ‘black’ gold rush has started but thankfully, unlike previous gold rushes, the prospectors need not toil in the fields and deserts with pans and drills but in the labs and offices with computers and networks.


Business Analytics is a blend of science, art and technology which is behind the data revolution and “the sexiest job of the century” (Harvard Business Review). The science of statistics and machine learning, the technology of modern software and databases (like R, Hadoop, SAS or SQL) and the art of business decision making all come together to allow companies and governments to make sense of the millions of data points that they have access to. The very existence of companies in the new economy is dependent on how good their analytics team is, at sifting through, making sense off and applying insights derived from the analysis of data. What they do with the information, and how they mine it for trends, insights and predictors of future behavior, will increasingly be a key driver for a successful business.


Keeping the growing demand of business analytics in mind, BRIDGE School of Management and Northwestern University (SPS) bring you the Predictive Business Analytics (PBA) program. This is an 11.5 month certificate program that has been specially adapted for India by academics from Northwestern University and top industry experts. Northwestern University (SPS) has been a leader in global analytics education. Their Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program (MSPA) is ranked amongst the Top 5 in the world.* The Predictive Business Analytics (PBA) Program at Bridge SOM, has been ranked 4th nationally and 2nd in North India. **


The PBA program is designed for both working professionals and recent college graduates.


All classes are held over the weekend to ensure working professionals can participate in this program alongside their current jobs.


* http://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/online-business-analytics-programs/


* http://www.datanami.com/2012/04/10/six_big_name_schools_with_big_data_programs/


** http://analyticsindiamag.com/top-10-analytics-courses-in-india-ranking-2015/

The total program duration is 11 months.

At Bridge, we use the latest innovations in management and technical pedagogy to engage and educate. The pillar of learning at Bridge is the Blended Mode with a Flipped Classroom.


What is blended?


Did you know that Harvard Distance School (HDS) has a graduation rate of 0.18% in its 100 year history? Which means, out of 10,000 people who enrolled for a course at HDS, only 18 students received a degree! At Bridge, we believe that a weekly face-to-face interaction is essential for students to commit and learn the material. We use a blend of online learning + face-to-face classes. The online learning takes place via an advanced state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is accessible 24×7. Face-to-face classes are held on either Saturday or Sunday for 8 hours every weekend.


One of the key to professional success is self-learning. While at Bridge we have top-notch industry and academic faculty, we expect students to study the material before attending the face-to-face classes. This allows our industry faculty to direct students towards the practical applications of the material during in-class sessions, while also answering all the theoretical and conceptual challenges that they faced while reading the material. This method allows students to not only learn concepts, but also practice their application and in effect move away from the conventional theoretical learning of most colleges. At Bridge, we believe that end of the year or semester examinations encourage rote learning and do not allow for application oriented education. Our assessments are continuous and submissions are needed every week, along with lively online discussion forums with faculty and peers.


All long term programs at Bridge are augmented with Business Communication modules. This is a compulsory course designed by academics industry professionals, keeping in mind the particular needs of the Indian industry with a global outlook. The module helps develop students’ personality and groom them in a holistic manner for a corporate career, beyond just gaining technical skills.


Students also work on a Capstone Project as a part of the program that allows them to apply large areas of their learning to on real data. Practice on large data sets on platforms like R®, SAS®, Tableau® is an integral feature of the program.


In the final module, students specialize in one the two specialized domains of analytics which provide the largest employment opportunities: Risk Analytics and Marketing Analytics.


A Parallel Stream of courses, primarily centered on tools and applications, is augmented to the core program to ensure that Bridge students are versatile and ready to take on hands-on analytics from their first day at work.


Course Structure
Module 0:

Month One Foundations in Statistics Advanced MS Excel

Module 1:

Month Two and Three Introduction to Business Analytics and R Programming VBA Macros


Module 2:

Month Four and Five Modeling Methods Business Communication, Resume Preparation and Interview Training

Module 3:

Month Six and Seven Advanced Modeling Methods SAS ®

Module 4:

Month Eight and Nine Analytics Visualization and Communication Python, Hadoop, Big Data and No SQL

Module 5:

Month Ten and Eleven Specialization: Risk Analytics or Marketing Analytics Capstone Project


All courses in the Core and Parallel streams are compulsory and students will need to attain a passing grade in each module to ensure certification and participation in the placement process.

Top Ranking Program:

BRIDGE School Predictive Business Analytics Program has been ranked 4th nationally and 2nd in North India.


Placement Assistance:

A comprehensive Career management services assists BRIDGE students in getting access to the best Analytics jobs in the country. Our extensive ties with the industry offers meaningful job opportunities for our PBA graduates.


Business Focus:

The models and tools are all used in a manner to support business and teach students how to solve business problems analytically. Data driven decision making is the key outcome of students at Bridge.


Industry-Relevant Tools:

You will gain familiarity with the most commonly used tools/software in Analytics such as Excel®, R®, SQL®, RDMS®, SAS® and Tableau®, which cover most of the tools used in the Industry.


Industry Faculty:

Analytics experts from leading organizations, bring industry examples and perspectives to the program. They are supported by Academics from both Northwestern University and Bridge School of Management.


Joint Certification:

We have an Academic collaboration with Northwestern University, SPS. The successful student receives a certificate jointly from Northwestern University, SPS and BRIDGE School.


Continuously updated Curriculum:

The curriculum has been designed jointly by faculty from Northwestern University, using inputs from industry experts in the Analytics domain. Curriculum is updated regularly keeping pace with changing industry needs


Develop Holistically:

Focus on building Business Communication and Soft skills, alongside the technical training, which is essential for effective working in the business world.


A comprehensive Career management services assists BRIDGE students in getting access to the best Analytics jobs in the country. In the event that a student would like to go through the placement assistance process at the end of the program, there are intensive interview support sessions held, to prepare the student for the job-interview process. Every attempt is made to understand a student’s aspirations and provide the student with suitable opportunities. The industry has taken great interest in our students. Companies which have selected BRIDGE School’s Predictive Business Analytics graduates include:

Ernst & Young (EY)

Home Credit

Mindflow Partners

Indigo Airlines

Interactive Avenues, part of IPG group

HCL Technologies Ltd

Eli Research

…….and many others

A student will be awarded with a Certificate in Predictive Business Analytics, jointly from the Northwestern University and the Bridge School of Management. The certification will require a minimum level of academic performance and also cover areas such as attendance, discipline and adherence to school policies.


  • By the end of the program, students will be able to:
  • Strategically navigate business data and understand patterns therein
  • Apply analytics techniques and tools to real-world business contexts for improved decision making
  • Assess the strengths and limitations of analytics and predictive modeling techniques for different business applications and varying data conditions
  • Acquire hands-on experience working with leading statistical tools and software packages (such as R®, SAS®, Tableau ®, SQL and multiple Big Data tools and techniques) in predictive modeling and the visual analytics of results
  • Effectively communicate the actionable insights stemming from analytical work to multiple stakeholders


Eligibility Criteria
Students applying for this program can be Graduates in any discipline, with an aptitude for numbers and the willingness to learn.


Selection Process

Candidates will have a personal interview with a senior member of the academic team. This will be followed by a short self-assessment quiz, so that students can be sure they are comfortable with the program requirements.


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Start On November 26, 2017
Duration 11 Months
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