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Post Graduate Program in Data Sciences, Design & Visualization

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McKinsey forecasts that 800,000 Analytics jobs will be available in the next 5 years. In the same report, McKinsey estimates that only 200,000 professionals will be trained to do those jobs. This has created a vast need for trained analytics professionals in the global talent pool.


Bridge School of Management is a leader in the field of Analytics Education in India. Our flagship Analytics program – “Predictive Business Analytics” (PBA) program (offered in partnership with Northwestern University, USA) is among the top analytics programs in the country – it has been ranked 4th in the country and 2nd in North India in the Analytics India Magazine rankings.


The Data Science and Strategic Analytics Program is a 9.5-month, end-to-end program offered in partnership with Northwestern University, USA. It covers the most important areas of analytics employment. The program has been designed for working professionals or fresh graduates who intend to


1. Enter the world of Analytics,

2. Use data driven decision making in their current area of work or

3. Upgrade their skills in the Analytics Domain


The program covers all the basics of Analytics, and also provides Domain-Specific, Application-Oriented training.


In addition to Analytics, the program will include training in oral and written Business Communication, Presentation and a comprehensive Capstone Project. A rigorous amount of interview-training is also provided, as part of the all-round preparation for a kick-start to a career in Analytics.

  • The Data Science and Strategic Analytics Program is of 9.5-month in duration, and is jointly offered by Northwestern University, U.S.A.
  • Software tools covered during the program: MS Excel, R, d3.js and Tableau.



In order to cater to the needs of working professionals, the program is delivered in the blended mode, which does not require the participant to take any time off work. The content is covered through:


1. 6-hour face-to-face classes at the Bridge centre on either Saturday or Sunday (every weekend)

2. Online self-learning through the week; 7 to 10 hours a week


There are four sequential courses, of 8 to 10 weeks each. The course details are as below.


1) Database Systems and Technologies


Database systems are at the core of modern information systems. In this course, students will explore the principles of data management and data extraction. Database design, modeling, and implementation concepts will be reviewed and discussed. Students will learn how the different forms of data such as structured data in SQL databases, and unstructured data in NoSQL database systems are stored and accessed. Students will also learn how to query a database and extract useful information to support the decision making process for information design and strategy. The course has hands-on modules that provide the students with SQL and NoSQL programming skills in order to extract and process data from a database engine and present the information in forms suitable for end-users.


2) Introduction to Data Analytics and R


This course will introduce to their primary tool R and to the appropriate uses of analytics and its limitations and define how to approach the various stakeholders within an organization with analytic information. Included will be a review of the ethical, regulatory, and compliance issues related to a given business problem and/or solution. Time will be spent interpreting performance-based organizational issues while concurrently identifying solutions for these same performance-based organizational issues. In addition, time will be spent identifying best practices to plan for engaging, implementing, and sustaining organizational change.


3) Applied Analytics for Business


Students learn to apply statistical techniques to the processing and interpretation of data from various industries and disciplines. This course introduces statistical models as they are used in predictive analytics. It addresses issues of statistical model specification and model selection, as well as best practices in developing models for management.


4) Data Visualization and Communication


This course entails learning by doing—working with data and text, utilizing models of text and data, working within an open-source programming environment, and building interactive visualizations for the web. It reviews the psychology of human perception and cognition and best practices in visualization and web design. Assignments involve reviewing and developing interactive visualizations of text, time series, networks, and maps. This is a project-based course with individual and team assignments.


In addition to the core Northwestern Program, Bridge School of Management will provide three add-on modules for free to enable students of the program to perform better in the job market.These three modules have been successfully used extensively in the Predictive Business Analytics Program.


1) Introduction to Advanced MS Excel


One of the key tools for the program will be the all-powerful and popular MS Excel. While R will be covered in the core program, a certain level of prerequisite in Excel is required. The module on Excel will cover all the key elements of applying MS Excel for both analytics and otherwise. This is a skill that, in itself, is useful for anyone in their current roles as well.


2) Business Communication


To help students train for a long and successful career, we realize, soft skills are often as important even in strongly quantitative fields like data science and analytics. The module on covers a variety of topics related to communication, professionalism, getting your message across to groups, interviewing, presenting to groups etc. and is taught by leaders in the area.


3) Capstone Project


The project is a key part of the course and students get to use a variety of models and tools that they have learnt during the modules on a single dataset. The project is performed as a mentored class under the guidance of a faculty member.

  1. End-to-end Program covering the most in-demand areas of Analytics employment: The student learns the required analytical models, methods and tools that are demanded in the area of descriptive analytics, across sectors.They will also be able to carry out introductory predictive models for various domains from the onset of their Analyitcs career.
  1. Joint Certification from Northwestern University: We have an Academic collaboration with Northwestern University, SPS. The successful student receives a certificate jointly from Northwestern University, SPS and BRIDGE School. Northwestern University’s Analytics program has been ranked amongst the top 5 in the world.
  1. Fully designed, developed and taught by Industry Practitioners:
The Program content developers and Faculty include:
  • Founder-CEO of data analytics firm (former Global Head, Real Estate Analytics, Thomson Reuters; VP, Quant Modeling, NYC-based Hedge Fund)
  • Former Business Operations Leader, IBM
  • Former Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Star TV Network
  • Senior professionals from large analytics firms


  1. Hands-on learning and training to leverage the latest analytical tools:Comprehensive Covers of the latest tools, techniques and applications. You will be trained to optimally use tools including:
MS Excel, R, d3.js and Tableau.
  1. Working Professionals can take on this Program while working
  1. The Online nature of this program allows working professionals to take up this program while continuting to work
  2. Placement Assistance- following a complete 360° approach: On successful completion of the program, students will be eligible for placement assistance. We follow a complete 360° placement approach from aiding students in preparing their resumes to conducting interview worskhops and career bootcamp sessions.

The Analytics industry has been highly receptive towards BRIDGE School’s Analytics graduates, with students having been placed in: The Smartcube | Indigo Airlines | HCL Technologies Ltd | Mindflow Partners | Interactive Avenues | Home Credit | Eli Research | Ernst and Young.


  1. Business Communication- going beyond just the hard skills: In addition to gaining hard skills in Analytics, students will be groomed with the soft skills of oral and written Business Communication and the art of giving presentations.

Through this, students will emerge from the program is well-rounded corporate professionals ready to take on the Analytics industry.



The student will be awared with a Certificate in Executive Business Analytics, jointly from Northwestern University and Bridge School of Management. The certification will require a minimum level of academic performance and also cover areas such as attendance, discipline and adherence to school policies.


The Data Science and Strategic Analytics Program aims to train students for a successful career in business analytics, across a range of functions. The course is designed, developed and taught by the global leading academics and practitioner faculty of Northwestern University, USA. The hands-on program ensures end-to-end, application-oriented learning and execution of concepts essential in the industry.


Job opportunities could range from (indicative, but not conclusive or limited to):


a) A Descriptive Analytics or Diagnostic Analytics (building reports and dashboards) role.


b) Role of a Business Analyst in a variety of product/service organisations


c) Analytical roles in existing function/domain example: Moving to marketing analytics role from marketing role or moving to analytics roles within accounting (like revenue forecasting in the budgeting group)

Eligibility Criteria:


Students applying for this program can be graduates in any discipline. They must be comfortable in working with numbers. e Graduates in any discipline, with an aptitude for numbers and quantitative techniques


Selection Process


Objective test: Online self-assessment (duration: 15 minutes)


Personal Interview with the Academic Panel at the BRIDGE learning center (duration: 30 minutes)


All successful candidates will be issued the Letter of Offer from the Registrar, BRIDGE School.

Gurgaon Center


1st Floor, Tower B Infinity Towers, DLF Cyber City


Gurgaon – 122001


Contact – 1800-102-4500


E-mail Career.Advisor@bridgesom.com

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Start On January 21, 2018
Duration 9.5 Months
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