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Every Placement Is a Story Of Partnership Between Bridge And Its Students

Every Placement Is a Story Of Partnership Between Bridge And Its Students

Bridge students, each one with unique needs and unique talent, have moved into jobs at companies like Home Credit, American Express, Indigo, Luminous Technologies, Credforce and HCL Tech. Each of these career moves, brings with it a unique story on how the student and Bridge collaborated to add value to the student’s career.

There are plenty of highs and lows in each job chase. The week when one of our students received 2 offer letters one after the other, after weeks of interviewing. The candidate who won a breakthrough into an employer brand with a stellar reputation. The employee on a career sabbatical who moved back into industry, after proving herself and her worth to the employer. The suspense of a 6-week negotiation that resulted in a tempting CTC and take-home for another student.

Students at BRIDGE School of Management

Moments like these, however, are just a small part of the behind-the scenes work that goes into placement support. The real story is in the preparation, the persistence and the planning that goes into a career move for the experienced, working professional. Here’s what it takes:

  • An ‘open to opportunity’ mindset: Job search success calls for the ability to step out of a comfort zone and explore the market. It is when one steps into the job market that the depth of Indian industry, the diversity of roles and the scope they offer is apparent. There is rarely an “ideal job” but there are always plenty of real opportunities.
  • Positivity and drive: As an opportunity presents itself, some candidates are raring to go. Another may hesitate, questioning whether the role is the right one. In the process, he/she may lose out to someone else. Time after time, it’s clear that it is a positive approach and drive that pay off.
  • Learning & bounce-back: Got an email rejecting your application? Take it in stride and stay alert for the next opportunity. Every rejection is a source of learning. The Corporate Engagement team actively sources feedback from HR teams after each interview. This employer perspective is just a useful input that helps fine-tune job search strategy.
  • A real cost-benefit analysis: The job description is often only the starting point for a discussion. It is impossible to out-guess exactly the way a hire will play out. It’s not a good idea to pre-judge the offer; instead it’s important to hear it out completely. Understand what is on the table fully – the role, the CTC, the take-home, growth opportunities, the culture and the employer brand – before a cost benefit and a final decision to accept or decline the offer.
  • Follow through: Finally, a company has confirmed that the offer is on the way! Last minute nerves on the part of the candidate can still come in the way of career growth. An academic program, or a new qualification is an important career cross-roads, holding out potential to switch tracks. While one wants to be sure it is the right call – especially when there is a counter-offer from your current employer – remember that where there is risk there is also a good return!

Above all, a placement story is about the partnership between the CE team and each student as we, together, script your career success!

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